Trump Wigs Out On Twitter Over Roger Stone Sentencing


Donald Trump’s tweets skitter from one subject to another providing a map to the inner workings of his mind. He started out the morning defending his crooked friend, aka the Dirty Trickster, Roger Stone. Yet, a few hours later he starting puddle-jumping from one puddle of interest to another — like a puddle-jumping beta fish.

Obviously, the president saw nothing wrong with working with Russia to get elected. He said so several times on air. Yet, seeing him write it out again was jarring:

‘A *9 year* prison recommendation for non-violent crimes committed by a 67-year-old man.’

The Daily News reporter Chuck Ross tweeted about government witness Randy Credico’s plea on Stone’s behalf for no jail time:

‘Prosecutors disregard gov’t witness Randy Credico’s plea for no jail time for Stone on the grounds that he didn’t take Stone’s threats seriously. “It is the threat itself, not the likelihood of carrying out the threat, that triggers the enhancement.”‘

Trump gave himself a giant pat on the back for “best USA economy.” What he failed to recognize was that President Barack Obama saved the country from a second Great Depression. POTUS jumped onto the economy and has been riding it for three years:


Then, he moved to his rally in New Hampshire Monday night. He called it the biggest in “New Hampshire history:”

‘Great being in New Hampshire last night. I would say that was the biggest political Rally in New Hampshire history. Incredible evening!’

Twitter world began to check Donald Trump’s activities. See what they had to say below:

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