John Kelly Reveals How Hard It Was To Work For An Idiot


People have been curious about what the White House under Donald Trump looked like, but those closest to him have not been talking. That is until now. Former Chief of Staff John Kelly finally opened up at a time when the president’s smoldering cauldron of rage started spilling over.

The former chief of staff addressed Vindman. Trump “essentially changed U.S. policy towards Ukraine.” Yet, Vindman took the high road, and Kelly said, according to The Daily Record:

‘[Vindman] he did exactly what we teach them to do, from cradle to grave: He told his boss.’

The once-a-Marine-always-a-Marine spoke to a group of students and guests Wednesday night. The topic of the speech promised an entertaining evening: Governance Versus Politics.

Kelly talked for 70 minutes about his and the president’s clashes. He also let loose on what life in the White House was like. The general started out as the Secretary of Homeland Security.

Later, Trump took the job of White House chief of staff.

‘I’m disappointed in myself for leaving, but I was a killer, I mean, no joke.’

Kelly commented on and answered questions during the Drew University Forum lecture series. Some of his remarks set off issues directly related to Trump. The former chief of staff talked about how the president went after Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman for testifying.

‘[Gallagher] was not a guy that represents our military in any way, shape or form. He should have been ashamed of himself. The idea that the commander in chief intervened there, in my opinion, was exactly the wrong thing to do.’

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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