Trump Screams In ALL CAPS During Thursday Meltdown


Donald Trump has started his “purge” of people he feels wronged him. His idea of getting even is not simply to fire them. No, he has to cause humiliation, embarrassment, and shame. His rage boils just beneath the surface and glows a deep purple-red rolling boil.]POTUS wants to crush them beneath his heel.

Imagine what the White House climate i\was like these days, the stench overwhelming. The man in the Oval Office has been screaming for his people to “DRAIN THE SWAMP!” The problem has been that his idea of swamp creatures was anyone who disagreed with him. His rage is stoked by the bottomless pit of anger he holds close, never forgetting slights.

American’s idea of swamp creatures has been the people Trump surrounded himself with. Once they leave or once they do not swoon enough, he tends to toss their deflated bodies aside:

‘DRAIN THE SWAMP! We want bad people out of our government!’

The president’s longtime friend/adviser Roger Stone, the man with President Richard Nixon tattooed upon his back, is one of them, as is former Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort. Both were convicted felons.

Conversely, the commander-in-chief punished the career government employees, according to former a former Republican Florida representative. David Jolly said it was simple regarding Trump:

‘He’s a bad guy. He’s a bad guy who does bad things.’

Twitter world went crazy with Trump’s strange rant. Check out the responses below:

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