Jim Jordan Accuser Sits For Damning Interview (VIDEO)


Jim Jordan claims innocence when it comes to knowing about the countless claims of sexual abuse at the hands of former OSU wrestling coach, Richard Strauss, who allegedly molested student athletes during exams and physicals.

According to Yahoo Sports:

school investigators have received complaints about Strauss from former athletes involved in cheerleading, fencing, football, gymnastics, hockey, swimming and volleyball. Strauss worked for the school for more than two decades. He also worked at the school’s medical center and student health center.

Jordan has professed his innocence from the beginning, despite students coming forward to say that they had complained to Jordan about the ongoing abuse. Jordan’s response to the claims was, “No one ever reported any abuse to me. If they had, I would have dealt with it.”

That excuse simply isn’t going to fly for former student Adam DiSabato, who recently appeared on CNN’s New Day. DiSabato had just finished testifying before the Ohio House Civil Justice Committee, at which time he went into great detail regarding a phone conversation he had with Jordan. DiSabato told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota about that call:

“Jim Jordan called me crying, groveling… begging me to go against my brother.”

The former wrestler continued:

“He was begging me to go against my brother’s testimony, basically and come out with a statement. So I just listened to him and expressed I didn’t know what my brother was — his motives. I said I can’t really give you an answer right now. I’m in the middle of something and I said let me talk to my family and that was that. I kind of just brushed him off, you know, and that was the conversation.”

Camerota then mentioned a statement made by a representative of Jim Jordan, who says that, “Congressman Jordan would never ask anyone to do anything but tell the truth.”

DiSabato immediately responded, calling the statement ‘a boldface lie:’

“I think it’s a boldface lie, because someone went to him and told him about an exam to his face and it’s been documented. There were several people that went up to him, we all complained. It was an open discussion in the locker room around anywhere we were at. But mostly when the physicals came around every year because, you know, it was a problem.”

Yahoo Sports reports that:

Whether Jordan knew or not, this is a gathering crisis that could involve many hundreds of students at one of the biggest universities in the nation. And the willingness of former athletes to speak out now – especially in light of the scandal at Michigan State – may indicate a sea change in reporting is only starting.

Check out the segment below via YouTube: