Military Sides With Vindman After Trump Demands Retaliation


Mr. Trump is certainly loving the position that he’s in right now, but he seems to forget how fleeting a president’s time in the Oval Office really is. He also forgets how poorly president’s who misbehave are remembered, or has completely embraced the idiotic legacy he is making for himself.

The Donald can’t stand it when people stand up against his corruption, either, and he takes everyone who dares try to task, launching smear campaigns against them whenever he gets a moment to speak. Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman is unfortunate enough to be one of the people Trump targets regularly after Vindman testified that the president did abuse the power of his office while dealing with Ukraine.

Ever since Vindman gave his damning testimony against the president, Mr. Trump began his typical antics, but Vindman wasn’t backing down without a fight. This seemed to fuel Trump’s hatred for Vindman, causing Trump to eventually suggest that the military should punish Vindman and investigate his alleged crimes against the country, namely the president.

Now, the Army has responded to Trump’s request, and it’s a big negative from them. According to POLITICO:

The Army will not investigate Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, the former National Security Council staffer who testified in the president’s impeachment investigation, the service’s top civilian said Friday.

The outlet continues:

Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy made the announcement at an event just days after President Donald Trump said he imagined the military would “take a look at” whether Vindman should face disciplinary action for the “horrible things” he told House investigators about the president’s phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky last July.

As we reported earlier, Mr. Trump has been trying to sully the reputation of purple heart recipient Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman ever since he found out that Vindman would be testifying about his knowledge of the Ukraine scandal. Trump took to his Twitter page on numerous occasions to spread lies about Vindman, and even accusing him of being a traitor to the country.

Vindman’s legal counsel, David Pressman has released a statement about the president’s constant smears:

“By using the power of his office to repeatedly humiliate and punish those following the law, the president is encouraging breaking the law.”

Trump said this on the Geraldo show:

“Well, that’s what they’ve done over the years,” Trump said. “When you call a foreign leader, people listen. I may end the practice entirely. I may end it entirely.”

“Sometimes you have 25 people.”

Trump continued:

“The only one, this guy ran and said he didn’t like the call. First of all, that’s very insubordinate. Why wouldn’t he go to his immediate—you know, he went to Congress or he went to [House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam] Schiff or he went to somebody.”

People on Twitter were of the same mind in that they are sick and tired of the president disrespecting members of the military. Below are some of the things people were tweeting about the interview:

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