Bloomberg Publicly Embarasses Trump With Weekend Twitter Trolling


The excellent ads on TV from former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg are a great boon to the Democrats and Independents. Yet, is he the candidate people really want? America might just be trading one billionaire for Donald Trump. Perhaps, but he promised to throw his money behind anyone winning the Democratic primary. What a choice that is.

People have been looking into what Bloomberg’s record looks like before selecting their primary candidate. The former mayor had not had a great record of racial equality. His stop-and-frisk disaster caused five million people of color to be thrown up agaomst their cars and humiliated. Here Bloomberg went after Trump:

‘He lies. He bullies. He gets away with it. Our kids are watching Donald Trump.
Is this the lesson we want them to learn?

— Mike Bloomberg (@MikeBloomberg)’

The question becomes, did Bloomberg’s time in office bring “the lesson we want them (kids) to learn?”

Then too, how will Bloomberg do on the debate stage? In graphs, people see Bloomberg and Tom Steyer surge with inputting huge amounts of cash. The rest of the candidates have had to earn their money the old-fashioned way. They have had to shake the hands, send out the emails, and ask for donations at the end of every speech, whether in person or on TV.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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