Trump Trolled Over Pic Of Himself In Over-Sized Suit


Donald Trump has taken his crudeness, his cruelness, and his total disregard of the law and gold-plated them into something that passes for a president. He just ran the presidential motorcade on a lap at the Daytona 500 race. When the presidency is cheapened so badly, it becomes something far less — moving closer to an authoritarian reign.

POTUS’ White House has becomes a reality show. Except in this one, Trump cannot claim “You’re fired!” because it seems he has been unable to fire anyone face-to-face. He can hide behind the curtains in the Oval Office and look on has his minions do the dirty work.

He tweeted about the race, which focused every eye upon him. His motorcade lap had the appearance of a king or a dictator making the rounds with flags flying on the distinctive cars. Then, he stood with his Yugoslav Republic of Slovenia-born daughter of a Communist father, First Lady Melania Trump at his side:

The President of the United States gives the command for the 2020 #DAYTONA500.’

After that, he retweeted a CBS post mentioning Trump’s bullet-proof car, “The Beast:”

Trump praised “pure American glory” at Daytona 500 before taking lap (sic) in “The Beast”’

After giving himself all of the accolades from yesterday once again, POTUS recalled that this was President’s Day. If Trump continued to rewrite history, it may become “President Day:”


Finally, Trump ended on a bizarre note. He seemed to believe that “they tried to impeach the president eight times” not counting the last one. Interesting:

“They tried to Impeach the President eight times before this last Impeachment trial that we went through. In Arizona, people are tired of their obstruction, their investigations, and their Impeachments. They want them to get to work.” @SenMcSallyAZ @foxandfriends Thanks Martha’


Twitter world went crazy after Trump’s strange rant about impeachment. Check out these responses to “King Donald:
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