Collins’ Support In Full Tailspin After Acquittal Vote


Senator Susan Collins (R-ME), known as a moderate Republican, has been strongly criticized for her move to vote for Trump’s acquittal on his impeachment charges. For her decision, her support may be beginning to decline.

A Colby College Poll shows Collins tied with her Democratic opponent Sara Gideon just nine months before election day. The survey was conducted February 10-13, just days after Collins voted to acquit Mr. Trump.

Dan Shea, Colby College professor of government and the lead researcher on the poll said:

‘One of the most surprising findings is how poorly Senator Collins is doing with women. She had a 42 percent approval rating overall but that drops to 36 percent for women. Further yet, it drops to 25 percent for women under 50.’

via Press Herald


He went on to say:

‘My best guess is this is residual impact on her vote for (U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett) Kavanaugh.’

According to the Press Herald:

‘Shea also said he was surprised to see support for Collins among independents at just 38 percent. That block of voters, the largest in Maine, has been crucial to her previous four electoral wins.

‘The Colby College poll is the first public survey of the 2020 U.S. Senate race and Shea cautioned that there is a long time to go until November.’

Shea said:

‘Senator Collins is an excellent campaigner and she has a very strong track record of bringing federal dollars back to the state. That’s going to matter.’

On Tuesday evening, Collins’ spokesperson Kevin Kelley said:

‘I defer to Stu Rothenberg, the well-known political analyst, who says, “This ballot test is not consistent with other (unreleased) numbers, and it conveys a misimpression of where the race stands.”‘