Michelle Obama Tweets Inspirational Message To America


In 1969 in very white college, a young black woman was the only person of color in her modern dance class. The white girl paired with her was delighted to find out her partner had 16 years of dance lessons as they worked on their performance.

They received a “B” for their dance, while the rest of the class hauled in a perfect line of “A’s.” People wonder why minority groups have trouble making it. This was a stark example. Not long after, the black girl posted a notice in the college newsletter announcing that she was a dancer, an original member of the cast of Hair on Broadway in the Age of Aquarius.

Former First Lady Obama was well aware of the odds against women of color. So when she sent this tweet, she offered the young dancer a magnificent message. She reached down the corporate or government ladder and give the person behind her a hand to help her up. This was a stark reminder of why we miss Michelle Obama, who tweeted:

.’Jalaiah, you crushed it—love seeing your talent shine!’

Screen-Shot-2020-02-19-at-3.08.13-PM Michelle Obama Tweets Inspirational Message To America Civil Rights Featured Feminism Racism Top Stories

‘Thank you for sharing this awesome video of Jalaiah, @MichelleObama. She was awesommmmmme. Miss you and all the dynamics of a #FirstLady.’Screen-Shot-2020-02-19-at-3.04.17-PM Michelle Obama Tweets Inspirational Message To America Civil Rights Featured Feminism Racism Top Stories

The former First Lady Michelle Obama stood in front of an amazing performance via the internet. Then, the dancer got this complimentary praise. People long for Mrs. Obama to return. Of course, that will not happen. Instead, Michelle Obama could offer support for an outstanding display:

‘Come back. ♥️
Lock him up! 🚨👩‍⚖️⚖️👩‍⚖️🚨 pic.twitter.com/Qa3otFhZsU’

‘The First Lady has spoken pic.twitter.com/XAATGhqmtj — 𝕄. (@mylifeasmontel) February 19, 2020’

‘My fellow Americans. Let’s show our resistance by marching on Washington DC to demand that Donald John Trump be removed from office. We need an organizer. I have one person that I think can get it done🤔 I won’t say any name other than AMERICAN’S love the person😏 pic.twitter.com/BsH1PZYiWi’

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