Matt Gaetz Suffers Public Embarrassment During Live TV Appearance


This Thursday, the ardently Trump-supporting Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-Fl.) went on The View, and his appearance went about as laughably sideways as one might expect. He even got co-host Meghan McCain to laugh at him! McCain, of course, is a devout and vocal conservative, and she reacted so incredulously when Gaetz insisted that yes, he thinks that President Donald Trump should pardon Roger Stone, who was sentenced this week to more than three years in prison for a vast obstruction of justice scheme.

Co-host Sunny Hostin directly asked Gaetz:

‘Do you think Trump should pardon Roger Stone?’

After he said that yes, he does — at least he gave a straight answer, which can be a rarity in Trump World! — McCain cut in:

‘Oh come on, Congressman. Come on. Come on — he’s the swampiest swamp creature.’

Stone has certainly been working in the “swamp” of D.C. politics for a very long time. He even has a tattoo of Richard Nixon! Could someone even get more “swampy” than that? Is it possible?

In this case, Stone’s scheme focused on an attempt to cover up his attempts to coordinate the 2016 Trump campaign and Wikileaks, which at the time was distributing Democratic emails stolen by Russian hackers. At one point, he even threatened a fellow witness’s dog — that’s how off-the-rails his plot ended up.

Yet, Gaetz still sees no apparent problem with the president dishing out a pardon for Stone, which many expect that Trump is considering. His justification was more than a little unnerving — he claimed that the pardon power should be protected both to supposedly check a potentially out of control justice system and because early Americans supposedly valued that particular monarchical power.

He insisted:

‘When we designed our Constitution, there were vestiges of the British monarchy that Americans still had some reverence for, and one was the notion that the executive, the sovereign, could extend unlimited grace for any reason or for no reason at all… I think if you look at the original intent of the pardon power, it can not be limited.’


Is that why they led an entire revolutionary war to throw off the mantle of rule by the British King? And either way — why is Gaetz resorting to vague historical arguments based in a time hundreds of years ago when cutting edge tech was the cannon and slaves were held across the U.S., among other issues? Trump is not a king! Just the other day, Trump himself proudly quoted a passage with an apparent attempt to compare himself to one.

Gaetz’s ridiculousness went on. As if he and the co-hosts were talking about entirely different Donald Trumps, the Congressman insisted that the president is a unifier. Has he observed him speak for any amount of time whatsoever?

He commented:

‘Donald Trump has a unique ability to get people who don’t necessarily agree with him to vote for him.’

Ha! Is that why support for him among marginalized communities like black Americans remains wildly low? Is that why millions of Americans actively voted against him in 2016 — more than actually voted for him?