Schiff Announces Power Move To Stop Trump Corruption


Donald Trump comes from a long line of con artists. In four generations of men, none of them served in the military for at least the past 135 years. The president’s grandfather came to America to escape serving in the German military.. The Germans retaliated by ending his citizenship and banishing him. In the US, he started a hotel that provided food and women to men in the gold rush.

Managing Editor at ProPublica Charles Ornstein retweeted a tweet that leads to an article:

‘How Much Has the Government Spent at Trump’s Properties? It Won’t Say.’

Adam Schiff, chair of the House of Representatives’ Intelligence Committee and lead prosecutor of the president’s impeachment hearing, wrote via his Twitter account. He said that He “introduced legislation” to find out how much “government spending…directly benefits presidents and their businesses:”

‘Taxpayers have a right to know how much of their money is lining the President’s pockets. Trump shouldn’t have the option to hide it. I’ve introduced legislation to require disclosure of government spending that directly benefits presidents and their businesses. Let’s find out’

Schiff directed the readers to a ProPublica/The Washington Post article about how much the Secret Service paid for each night they were on duty for the president, $650 each night at Trump’s resort in Florida, Mar-a-Lago This after the younger Trump, Eric Jr. claimed they would get free rooms. The total came to $471,000 — for housekeeping, etc.’

That number was probably low, because the government agencies under the Trump administration and resisted reporting.

Trump, Inc. is ProPublica’s publication. The Washington Post’s reporter and NBC political analyst David Fahrenthold tweeted:

‘He’s paying our money to himself. There must be so much more we haven’t seen.’

So far, Trump has spent about one-third of his elected time at his resorts, incurring government expenses.

Twitter world went wild after Schiff sent out his tweet Take a look at these favorite ones below:

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