Ivanka-Bloomberg Friendship Revealed In New Report


President Donald Trump seems consistently driven up a wall by former New York City mayor turned Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg — only barely metaphorically speaking. Trump has already had numerous public meltdowns on and off Twitter about Bloomberg’s presidential candidacy. But as a new report from the Daily Beast outlines, Trump’s daughter (and adviser) Ivanka and Bloomberg’s own daughter Georgina are apparently actually friends. The report helps reveal just how shallow that the president’s own belligerence really is (and, of course, suggests that Mike Bloomberg remains closer to Trumpian behavior than he’d like observers to think).

Would a First Daughter Georgina Bloomberg have a Trump over to the White House for an event? Who knows. But in the meantime, Georgina Bloomberg actually already said in a 2016 interview that she’s “good friends” with Trump’s kids including Ivanka, and at the time, she said that she “was not looking forward to having to watch our fathers go against each other” in the possible event of her own dad entering the presidential race alongside Trump. Well, it’s happened — and like a babbling fool, Trump sticks to outlandishly petty insults for Mike Bloomberg on a regular basis, who he’s mocked for being, uh, short.

Society publicist R. Couri Hay insisted, discussing Ivanka and Georgina:

‘These women respect each other, and they aren’t going to let politics affect their friendship. They have learned that what happens in politics shouldn’t affect their relationship. I’ve even heard this with Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka… High society is polite to the extreme.’

She added that the relationship between Georgina and Ivanka does have political ramifications, even if their respective fathers have absolutely no interest in the opportunity for collaboration that it presents.

Hay commented, again in reference to Georgina and Ivanka:

‘They are not superficial friends. I have known them both practically their whole lives. I just wish the Republicans and Democrats would be like Ivanka and Georgina and be willing to work across the aisle.’

Just recently, Georgina Bloomberg worked right alongside a Trump at a public event. She co-chaired the annual Rescue Dogs Rock NYC gala last October alongside Lara Trump, the president’s daughter-in-law who also works in a prominent role on his re-election campaign. Georgina is an equestrian — who’s even competed in the Olympics! — and an animal rights activist.

Would her father appoint her to a White House role if he won the presidency? Who knows, although if it did happen, it would continue the nepotism precedent that Trump himself has established. In the meantime, Mike Bloomberg continues to dig into Donald Trump with his own petty insults, like a slew of billboards that recently went up out West with proclamations like “Donald Trump likes burnt steak” — although it’s entirely unclear where the voters are who prioritize privileged and petty squabbling above other actually real-world issues.

Meanwhile, just this weekend, Trump rattled off on Twitter that there’s supposedly “no way Mini Mike can restart his campaign after the worst debate performance in the history of Presidential Debates,” in reference to a particularly tumultuous Bloomberg debate debut.