Schiff Goes After Trump For Lying About Russia Knowledge


Donald Trump simply loves Russia. He loves everything, from the way people are ruled over by a murderous and vengeful dictator, to the leadership of that very murderous dictator. Let’s face it, Trump wants to be Putin so bad he can taste it. Putin is known for eliminating anyone who challenges him; his adversaries literally turn up dead, and Trump wishes so badly that he could get away with the same behavior. Hell, he’s even joked about it.

Trump claims that he had no knowledge of Russia interfering in the election, despite the very tight bond he has with Vlad. Trump said this on Meet The Press:

Now, House Intel Chair Adam Schiff has fired back at Trump’s lies about being in the dark when it comes to Russia. Schiff said this via his Twitter account:

Nice deflection, Mr. President. But your false claims fool no one. You welcomed Russian help in 2016, tried to coerce Ukraine’s help in 2019, and won’t protect our elections in 2020. Now you fired your intel chief for briefing Congress about it. You’ve betrayed America. Again.

People on Twitter went crazy. Even some of Trump’s followers went off the rails at patriot Schiff for standing up to the current president’s lies. We saved the best reactions from people on Twitter for you below: