Trump To Fire Another Intel Official For Spilling Russia Beans


If it’s one thing Donald Trump hates, it’s being undermined, even by people simply doing their jobs. Trump wants to steer the narrative in the country, essentially acting as a Kim Jong un, and creating the reality of U.S. citizens. That isn’t what is happening, however, as people in very high positions of government are still dead set on ensuring the safety of America and its government by ripping serious issues in the bud.

That’s what happened when Congress was briefed on Russia interfering int he 2020 election in order to try and get Mr. Trump reelected to a second term. This is the only thing that will keep Trump out of prison, and so the desperation behind winning in November is equivalent to that of a crazed madman at the end of his rope.

According to CNN’s sources, the person who briefed lawmakers about Russian interference could be on their way out of a job. CNN’s Victor Blackwell was speaking to contributor Lynn Sweet About it Sunday.

According to Sweet:

“It sends the signal once again that President Trump is not a respecter of the United States intelligence services with the bigger issue that a permanent director has not been in that office since last summer when Dan Coates was forced out. This is a key position, subject to Senate confirmation and Trump hasn’t seen fit to have a permanent director for months now.”

Sweet continued:

“Now, post-impeachment, you also have the issue of whether or not part of his [Richard Grenell’s] role there it is to oversee a purge of people who are not seen as Trump loyalists. All of which goes to the heart of United States intelligence mission which is to get and gather information in a nonpartisan way to brief partisan officials to base their policy decisions on.”

That’s when Blackwell came back with:

“That’s exactly what Shelby Pierson was doing. She is the — this position was just created, she’s the person to oversee election security, going to brief members on the House Intelligence Committee about their assessment that Russia is interfering in the 2020 election. That they have a preference for President Trump.”

He continued:

“What we’ve learned from sources is that inside the office of the Director of National Intelligence is she could be next to be pushed out of the office. What’s the impact of getting rid of that person as we’re about eight months out from elections?”

Sweet then replied:

“It is two levels of answers here, Victor. One, you’re getting rid of a seasoned professional in what would seem like a retaliatory act for putting forth intelligence you don’t like. Again, it goes to the core of what intelligence is for: just to get unvarnished information. If, indeed, she’s presiding over election security issues, that’s the intelligence community needs to be on top of if she does leave. Will the mission still be carried out when election security is a top priority of the United States?”

Watch the video below: