Crowds Leave Midway Through Trump’s Indian Rally


Donald Trump loves adulation. No wonder he likes his trip to India so much. He gets fawning and more money deals. Yet, he did not expect the negative side of this trip to rear its ugly head.

He started off addressing a crowd in the largest cricket stadium in the world. Estimates said there were 100,000 people in attendance cheering him. He began, according to The BBC:

‘Namaste, India will always hold a very special place in our hearts. Everybody loves him but I will tell you this, he is very tough. You are not just the pride of Gujarat, you are living proof that with hard work, Indians can accomplish anything they want.’

‘To my great friend PM #Modi,thank you for this wonderful visit’

signs #Gandhi ashram guestbook. In 2010,

at #Gandhi home in Mumbai had written ‘He(Gandhi) is a hero not just to #India,but to the world’ #NamasteyTrump #TrumpInIndia #TrumpinIndiaBBC’

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Then, things went South as POTUS pulled his usual gaffs on how to pronounce certain words. Trump typically sounds as if he never read through the speech, let alone worked on his pronunciation.

He stumbled badly over “Ahmedabad,” the city where he was. Then he blew a revered Indian philosopher “Swami Vivekananda.” He even mispronounced the ancient Hindu texts “Vedas,” calling them “Vestas.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi went first, then Trump. Noticeably, crowds began leaving right in the middle of POTUS’ speech. The US president ended with:

‘God bless India, God bless the United States of America – we love you, we love you very much.’

BBC’s Rajini Vaidyanathan reported that Modi has been under public scrutiny. India passed a new citizenship law. It gave amnesty to non-Muslim immigrants to three close countries. As a result, there were massive protests. Those who were against the law said that India was demeaning India’s 200+ million Muslims. The government denied the charge. BBC reported:

‘In August, Mr Modi’s government revoked the partial autonomy of the disputed territory of Indian-administered Kashmir, sparking protests in the Muslim-majority valley. Mobile phone connections and the internet have only been partially restored, and political leaders there are still under house arrest along with hundreds of others.’

Modi arranged for one of the president’s favorite musical artist Elton John’s music to play when Trump was on the tarmac. There were crowds to line Trump’s streets to the stadium. In addition, there were performers for the different states’ various arts. Billboards lined the route showcasing Trump and Modi and reading:

‘[T]wo dynamic personalities, one momentous occasion.’

The US commander-in-chief only produced half that many people for the “Howdy, Modi!” event in Houston last year, 50,000.

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