GOP Terrified Of Bernie Sanders’ 2020 Star-Power


In an exclusive interview with CBS This Morning, Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) said he believes presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) could be Donald Trump’s worst nightmare. The traditional Democratic Party officials have been beside themselves.

Senator Scott spoke to CBS in Charleston, South Carolina, which will be the site of the Democratic debate on Tuesday. Scott said Sanders “brings that outside game:”

‘Bernie Sanders brings that outside game in a similar fashion that President Trump did in 2016. Think about the similarities. In 2016, Republican leadership, Republican wisdom said that there is no way in the world out of the 17 candidates, Donald Trump will be the president. I think it’s very similar.;

There are still eight challengers in the 2020 presidential election with party officials looking at the lowest-performing candidates to leave the race. That could potentially reach far enough to include Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MI) and Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

Scott claimed that Trump could beat everyone if he was staying true to the self he presented at the State of the Union address However, Trump may be his own worst enemy:

‘If he’s on his game as he was at the State of the Union, I don’t think there is a candidate in the country that can beat him. If there is a second choice other than himself, it would be Bernie Sanders.’

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In spite of the Democratic party’s wishes, Sanders has been climbing in the polls and the primaries. The Dems even broke their own debate stage rules to bring in former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. He will be fighting with a significant amount of his $60 billion.

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Regardless, the people have chosen the Vermont senator to go up against Trump. A full 51 percent of Latinos voted for him in Nevada. The state’s ever-adjusting caucus totals keep a direct line on a Sanders win. This victory catapulted him forward to the South Carolina primary on Saturday followed by Super Tuesday on March 3.

Scott noted that the senator’s attention to Medicare for All has been a great motivator for American voters. This was an especially vital subject for African Americans and put him in direct contention with former Vice President Joe Biden in South Carolina:

‘Bernie Sanders is doing something in 2020 that he could not do in 2016, which is getting African Americans and Hispanic voters to take a second look at his campaign. I think perhaps a primary reason is health care. If you look at what stands out the most in his campaign is he is undeniable a socialist, but he is strong and clear and competent on the issues he supports and the issue of health care is a big issue in the African-American community and I think it is the issue for why he ended up with 51% of the Hispanic vote in Nevada.’

In an interesting turn of events, Scott said that the senator could take out Trump, but the president’s easiest contender to beat in November would be Bloomberg:

‘Mike Bloomberg has been so provocative. He has so many challenging story headlines. The narratives for as President Trump calls him ‘Little Mike’ would be easy for President Trump to take strong advantage.’

Screen-Shot-2020-02-24-at-3.24.19-PM GOP Terrified Of Bernie Sanders' 2020 Star-Power Election 2020 Featured Healthcare Politics Top Stories Sanders will be joined on stage in Charleston for the debate along with Joe Biden, Bloomberg, former Mayor of South Bend Indiana Pete Buttigieg, Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MI), billionaire Tom Steyer, and Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

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