Numbers Are In For Trump’s 7 Million Person India Rally


Donald Trump has been touting predictions for his trip to India, including an insane guess for how many people would attend his first rally in the foreign country. Trump said 7 million would be in attendance, and after reports of people walking out mid-speech, it’s safe to assume that Trump did not reach his lofty goal.

Trump walked out to the song “Macho Man” by The Village People, and while there were far more people there than we can understand, there was nowhere near 7 million. Not even one million. More like 100,000.

Still a big rally for Trump, who is happy to get half that in the states. The thing is, India Prime Minister Narendra Modi knows that the way to please Trump is to lavish him with attention and praise.

It has also been reported that Modi demands citizens attend rallies like these, and that it’s not so much the choice of the people in attendance. Modi could be heard speaking in Hindi, telling the crowd:

“The whole world knows what President Trump has done to FULFILL the dreams of America. India-US relations are no longer just another partnership. It is a far greater and closer relationship.”

As soon as the heat hit the crowd, people started dispersing to find refuge, which meant Trump’s audience was quickly dwindling into nothing. According to a teenager who attended:

“We left midway through Trump’s speech. It was too hot. People ahead of us too left. There was direct sun where we were sitting.”

This is typically stopped by Modi speaking after the event has taken place, but since he was hosting this rally, he spoke before Trump, giving people permission to leave early if they wished.