Republican Forced To Educate Trump DHS Official On Coronavirus


Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) expressed his frustration when the Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wold was unable to answer even some simple questions about how he would handle a coronavirus outbreak in the country.

Kennedy asked during the hearing:

‘How many [cases of coronavirus in the United States] are you anticipating?’

Watch this example of Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) get frustrated:

‘”You’re the secretary. I think you oughta know that answer” — Even @SenJohnKennedy(R) is fed up with Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf’s ignorance about coronavirus’

Wolf responded:

‘We’re working with [Health and Human Services] to determine that.’

Kennedy repeated his question:

‘How many are you anticipating?’

Wolf gave the senator another nonanswer:

‘We do anticipate the number will grow, I don’t have an exact figure for you.’

Kennedy gave it another shot:

‘Is someone modeling that, do you have any way of guessing?’

Wolf gave him another weasel word response:

‘Again, HHS, through their medical professionals, are…’

The Louisana senator was frustrated and interrupted the acting secretary:

‘You’re head of Homeland Security! Your job is to keep us safe!’

At last, Wolf admitted he did not even know how the HHS’s models had projected the spread of the deadly disease in America. Kennedy shot back:

‘Don’t you think you ought to check on that? As the head of Homeland Security?’

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