SCOTUS Justice’s Wife Helps Trump Purge WH Officials


The United States government is being purged from the inside out, in much the same way as Senator Joseph McCarthy (R-WI) sought out Nazis and Communists under every rock. These witch hunts happened right after World War II. On another front, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director J. Edgar Hoover monitored people in search of “subversive” behavior.

According to The Independent, they even denounced scientist Albert Einstein:

‘[He] had criticized McCarthyism as a “dangerous threat to democracy and freedom of expression.”‘

Now, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife, Ginni Thomas, has been putting together lists of “disloyal” government officials she wanted to be fired. She allegedly has been working a “network of conservative activists called Groundswell.

This group has been working in the shadows for the last 18 months. She then sent that list on to an ever more paranoid Donald Trump. Former District of Columbia US Attorney Jessie Liu was on that list even after she was tapped for a Treasury appointment by POTUS. That offer was withdrawn.

What was Liu’s crime? She led the second group of government attorneys charged with finding Former Deputy Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe, guilty per the commander-in-chief’s instructions. She also signed a document that requested time in prison for Trump’s friend and former National Security Adviser (NSA) Michael Flynn.

Mrs. Thomas’s memos came on the footsteps of Trump’s exoneration in the impeachment hearings. Those around the US president said that he had:

‘[I]ntensified his war against the “deep state.”‘

Thomas has been making recommendations to replace those on the hit list. Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino has appeared regularly on Fox News. As a result, he has been recommended for a place in Homeland Security or counterterrorism.

Thus far, these reports have not shown any of Thomas’ group Groundswell’s recommendations implemented. Mrs. Thomas has been roundly criticized for her “partisan messages.” Many find this beneath the role of a Supreme Court justice’s wife.

Thomas met with Trump along with other “hard-right activists” last month. During that meeting, Trump remained basically silent as Groundwell criticized “women in the military and transgender people.”

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