Trump Blocks Non-English Speakers From Social Security Benefits


He has gone and done it again. Just when you think Donald Trump couldn’t be more of a white nationalist, he goes and pulls a disgusting move to oppress foreigners coming to America for a better life.

Language has always been a touchy subject with white supremacists, and the ironic part is that most of them are half illiterate themselves.

According to a new rule put in place by Trump on Monday, people who do not speak english (which is a foreign immigrant language, by the way) will have limited access to social security benefits.

Social Security Commissioner Andrew Saul gave this ridiculous statement about the new rule:

“It is important that we have an up-to-date disability program.”

“The workforce and work opportunities have changed and outdated regulations need to be revised to reflect today’s world.”

This new rule makes it to where an applicant’s education becomes a reason for denial and the reason for that is to judge whether or not the applicant can find other work. The new rule, going into effect in late April, “eliminates the “inability to communicate in English” factor when evaluating a person’s education level.”

Democrats have of course come out against the move. Rep. John Larson said that:

“With this rule, the Trump administration will deny people the Social Security disability benefits they’ve earned.”

“For years, Social Security’s rules recognized that for an older worker applying for disability benefits with severe health conditions, and with no or little transferable job skills, the inability to communicate in English poses an additional barrier to work. The new rule will end SSA’s consideration of this obstacle.”

Rep. Rosa DeLauro says that:

“The administration has provided no valid evidence that these workers will be able to make ends meet without this support from the federal government.”

“This is a lifeline for some of our community’s most vulnerable, and we should not turn a blind eye to their needs.”

According to Huffington Post:

Most disability claims are denied. The number filed each year, as well as overall caseloads, have been declining since 2013. But Republicans still say too many undeserving people get benefits.

“There has been, unfortunately, a lot of fraud,” Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas), the top Republican on the House committee that oversees Social Security, told HuffPost.

For Republican policymakers, “fraud” is sometimes a colorful word for borderline cases they think should be judged more harshly. With Trump’s appointees in charge, changes that for years have germinated within the Social Security Administration are potentially coming to fruition. One is the English rule. Another measure would alter the so-called medical-vocational guidelines, which could have a major impact on benefit awards. The agency also wants to ramp up reviews of whether current claimants are still disabled.