Trump Responds To Weinstein Conviction Like An Idiot


Numerous women suffered at the hands of convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein. These women were not only sexually abused by the movie mogul, they were emotionally tormented and even blacklisted if they didn’t play nice. Weinstein was known for arranging “business meetings” in hotel rooms, and these hotel rooms became the resting place of his victims’ dignity.

Weinstein is now in prison, where he will likely spend the rest of his life after being found guilty on three counts. That hasn’t ended the pain of his victims, however.

Tell that to Donald Trump, because he seems to think that this is a “great thing” for women, although he didn’t “know too much about the case.” This is what Trump said Tuesday about Weinstein’s conviction:

“He was a person I didn’t like. The people that liked him were the Democrats.Michelle Obama loved him. Loved him. Hillary Clinton loved him.”

“Will the Democrats be asking for that money back? Because he gave a lot of money to the Democrats.”

What a petty man.

Turning a rape case into a political smear campaign is one of the most pathetic things Mr. Trump has ever done, and that’s saying a lot.

While Weinstein was a Democratic donor, the idea that people like The Obamas and The Clintons knew about him raping actresses is absolutely preposterous. If there’s one thing rapists don’t do, it’s go around and brag to people in power about their crimes.

Weinstein was convicted two days ago.

According to ABC News:

The 67-year-old Weinstein had a look of resignation on his face as he heard the verdict: guilty on two charges, not guilty on a set of more serious ones.

While it was not the across-the-board victory prosecutors and his accusers had hoped for, it could put the stooped and feeble-looking Weinstein behind bars for the rest of his life. The charges carry up to 29 years in prison.

Tuesday morning, Weinstein played up the sympathy card ahead of his sentencing by complaining of chest pains and being put on a stretcher and taken to the hospital instead of heading to Rikers Island to begin his sentence.

The report continues:

Judge James Burke ordered Weinstein taken to jail immediately. Court officers handcuffed Weinstein and put their arms under his, leading him unsteadily out of the courtroom via a side door without the use of the walker he relied on for much of the trial. He was later taken from the courthouse in an ambulance, strapped to a stretcher in his suit, and taken to a locked unit at Bellevue Hospital.

The judge said he would ask that Weinstein, who had been free on bail since his arrest nearly two years ago, be held in the infirmary at the city’s Rikers Island jail complex after his lawyers said he needs medical attention following unsuccessful back surgery.