Ivanka Accused Of Photoshopping Pics To Look Thinner


Ivanka Trump holds herself like a confident woman who loves herself, but her actions show the exact opposite. Ivanka has had multiple surgeries on her face, the biggest being the chin implant that gave her a jawline. She talks with a soft, almost pouty demeanor that likely got her to where she is now, aside from daddy’s bankroll.

Now, the faux prim and proper daughter of the orange king of America is being accused of photoshopping her Instagram photos to make herself appear slimmer.

According to Slate:

As many tourists do, Ivanka Trump posed for photos in front of the Taj Mahal’s reflecting pool, writing on Instagram, “The grandeur and beauty of the Taj Mahal is awe inspiring!” The pictures she posted are largely unremarkable, featuring Ivanka in a dress patterned with red poppies and her husband and fellow Trump aide Jared Kushner wearing yet another slender suit.

One of my eagle-eyed colleagues noticed something amiss with the first picture in the set, however. Look closely at the gap between Ivanka’s left arm and torso, and you’ll see that the sliver of rippling water peeking through appears to be much more in focus than the water on either side of her.

Check out the photo in question below:

So did someone purposely make the gap between Ivanka’s arm and waist bigger? The Slate report continues:

To get a better sense for how cameras focus on backgrounds, I reached out to Remove.bg, a company that specializes in removing backgrounds from photos. To them, the discrepancy looked like it was likely due to a background-classification error. “We have seen this kind of artifact in images generated by mobile app background classifiers in the past,” co-founder Ben Groessing wrote back in an email.

Camera software has the ability to create an artificial depth of focus by blurring the background, also known as the Bokeh effect. In order to do this, the software has to be able to separate the foreground from the background. Sometimes, however, this separation isn’t perfect, and parts of the background—say, a sliver of water cradled in a bent elbow—may end up staying defined, rather than blurred. This, in theory, would be possible with the iPhone camera’s portrait mode, which blurs the background so that the subject stands out.

The reporter at Slate reenacted Ivanka’s photo, and after many tries was actually able to get the same result using picture mode on his iPhone, and just when he’d decided that Ivanka was not guilty of photoshopping, he got word from a photoshop expert. This is what he reported:

Right when I thought I’d closed the case, another expert I’d contacted got in touch. @s0cialmediavsreality, a semi-anonymous Instagram account run by a New Yorker named Diana that is well-known for spotting influencer and celebrity fakery online, sent over a side-by-side she’d made comparing Ivanka’s own photo to one that AFP photographer Mandel Ngan had taken at the Taj Mahal at around the same moment. She told me, “The waist has definitely been photoshopped.”

And there you go.