Trump Campaign Files Major Lawsuit Against NY Times


As of mid-2016, Donald Trump had been involved in 3,500 lawsuits. He or his company was the plaintiff in 1,900 cases. Defendant 1,450 times.  A bankruptcy, third party, or another lawsuit 150 times. POTUS was named in a minimum of 169 federal court lawsuits, according to The USA Today.

The Center for Biological Diversity alone has sued Trump 193 times and counting as of February 2020. Trump had over 60 lawsuits filed against him “in the first three weeks of his presidency,” according to The Los Angeles Times.

Oh, yes, and one impeachment, but as far as the last lawsuit, that prize went to The New York Times Wednesday. The president’s attorneys during his impeachment trial argued that Congress should have gone to court before impeaching POTUS, but of course, there was a long line ahead of them.

The Talking Points Memo explained that The Times was being sued for defamation by the president’s re-election campaign. The attorneys charged that the newspaper was part of a
“systematic pattern of bias.” Trump’s people said the newspaper had been trying to keep him from “securing victory in 2020.”


That, the lawsuit claims, was contradicted by the Mueller Report, according to The Talking Points Memo:

‘Among other things, there was no ‘deal, and no] quid pro quo, between the campaign or anyone affiliated with it, and Vladimir Putin or the Russian government.’

Source: USA Today.

The New York Times spokesperson told TPM  via a statement that:

‘[The Trump campaign had] turned to the courts to try to punish an opinion writer for having an opinion they find unacceptable.Fortunately, the law protects the right of Americans to express their judgments and conclusions, especially about events of public importance. We look forward to vindicating that right in this case.’

Source: USA Today.

The lawsuit indicated that the NYT‘s reporting proved its point:

‘[There was] no ‘deal [or] quid pro quo’ between the Campaign and Russia. Thus, by publishing the Defamatory Article in March 2019, The Times sought to damage the Campaign before the Mueller Report would be released debunking the conspiracy claims.’

The lawsuit also indicated Frankel and the Times were both scheming with the Democratic Party. As a reference, the attorneys pointed to an op-ed by an author who described himself as a “Democrat with a vengeance.”

The individual also said the Times for at least the last 60 years:

‘[Had] endorsed the Democrat…[In every Presidential election.] There is extensive evidence that The Times is extremely biased against the Campaign, and against Republicans in general.’

Source: USA Today.
Attorney Charles Harder filed the complaint in New York City in a New York state court. The source of the problem was a March 2019 column by Max Frankel, The author of the offending op-ed, was “a former New York Times executive editor in the 1980s and ’90s.”
Source: Assets Donald Trump.

Frankel accused the president and Moscow of “quid pro quo” in 2016 between the Trump presidential campaign and the Russian government. The attorney claimed that the op-ed said the goal was that the president would get help with the 2020 reelection for a “new pro-Russian foreign policy.”

Source: Assets Donald Trump.

Hulk Hogan’s attorney, Harder, was responsible for the killing off the news website The Gawker simply for publishing Trump’s adult entertainment tape. The attorney continued with a fanciful conspiracy theory, one that “exonerated” the campaign.

Source: Assets Donald Trump.

While the Mueller Report did not establish evidence of a criminal conspiracy, it did find that both the Trump campaign and the Russian government saw a “mutual benefit” and worked accordingly in 2016.

Source: Assets Donald Trump.

It appeared that the campaign wanted “millions of dollars” in damages as part of the suit.

Source: Assets Donald Trump.

Read the complaint here:

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