Giuliani Accidentally ‘Butt-Dials’ Reporter & Is Embarrassed In Front Of America


President Donald Trump’s “defense” team isn’t exactly running the most well-oiled operation — it’s as much the political subservience of Republican members of Congress that got Trump temporarily off the hook during the impeachment proceedings as anything else. Trump’s lawyers could have probably said just about anything. Now, prominent personal Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani — whose attempt to help bribe Ukraine into investigating the Bidens helped land Trump in the impeachment proceedings — has been caught embarrassingly blabbing that he only has “five friends left.” He got overheard making the revelation after he failed to actually hang up on a reporter he’d been talking to, despite attempting disconnection.

The conversation with New York Daily News reporter Chris Sommerfeldt was over a forthcoming book from former New York Governor George Pataki, who claims that Giuliani asked him to call off the 2001 mayoral election in New York City so Giuliani could remain on as mayor following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Giuliani denied that claim, insisting:

‘There were people who wanted me to do it. I thought about it for two days, but I never asked him to do it. I never made the decision to do it.’

The confession about his apparently dramatically shrinking social circle came after Giuliani insisted to the reporter that he was heading to Los Angeles and needed to hang up, although he didn’t actually do so. Addressing someone who he called Tony, Giuliani could then be overheard complaining about Pataki’s supposed disloyalty.

He complained, in reference to Pataki:

‘He’s trying to sell a book. Even if we would have had that conversation, it would have been privileged between a mayor and a governor… He’s an honorable guy. I can’t believe he would do that. I just keep getting disappointed. I got about five friends left… I’m so shocked.’

Really? He’s shocked? What did he think was going to happen when he became nationally recognized as an ardent defender of Donald Trump? Is he aware of who he works for? Has he actually listened to his boss speak for any substantial period of time?

Following the impeachment proceedings, which ended with an acquittal for Trump thanks to the capitulation of Republican Senators, Giuliani has kept up his work to produce dirt on the Bidens from Ukraine. He’s even reportedly been developing a documentary — which is laughably outlandish.