Trump Jr. Hit With Televised Threat Of Violence (VIDEO)


Donald Trump Jr. made really heinous claims Friday morning, stating that Democrats want millions to die from coronavirus just so they can blame his father for their deaths. Trump’s eldest child said this just this morning:

“Anything that they can use to try to hurt Trump, they will. But for them to try to take a pandemic and seemingly hope that it comes here and kills millions of people so that they could end Donald Trump’s streak of winning is a new level of sickness.”

This kind of outrageous slander did not fall on deaf ears, and Democrats have been responding in kind. Perhaps the most appropriate, albeit illegal, response to Junior’s claims came from Rep. John Garamendi of California, who was on MSNBC talking with Hallie Jackson when he said:

“He should not be near me when he says that.”

Jackson asked Garamendi:

“Why not?”

Garamendi responded:

“There would be a serious altercation. That is just totally outrageous. I can assure you that there’s not a Democrat or Republican in Congress that wants anybody to be sick.”

Watch the full interview here:

“Don Jr. better not get close to me. It would not be a healthy situation.”

Can you even blame him? To make such slanderous statements about a pandemic that has cost thousands of human lives. Junior is used to making such claims on Twitter almost daily, and he feels really brave behind a device screen or in front of a camera, but one day, he will have to pay for the things he’s done. Just like the rest of us.

People on Twitter were in agreement that Junior deserves a light bashing. Check out the responses left on the first tweet below: