Trump Official Gets Testy Over Coronavirus Question


Mike Pompeo has a problem with his temper, and that is something he has proven time and again every time he is hard-pressed by the media, and now even the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Friday morning, Pompeo was testifying about the Iran conflict when he got an attitude with the very first question asked.

Pompeo was being questioned by Democratic Rep. David Cicilline when he became agitated at the line of questioning. It started when Cicilline said that the coronavirus is a “serious global health crisis” and that “trust is more important than ever.”

Cicilline said:

“Unfortunately, we’ve also heard conflicting information when it comes to the administration’s response on this as well. We know that this is a threat that doesn’t respect borders, that impacts its victims indiscriminately, and that’s starting to show up in our own communities.”

Cicilline continues, explaining that people are disturbed by the many different stories coming out of the White House when it comes to the deadly sickness. He then asks Pompeo:

“Can you tell us exactly what your role is in this response?”

Pompeo shot back disgruntled:

“Is that the question? So, Mr. Chairman, just so you know, we agreed that I would come here today to talk about Iran, and the first question today is not about Iran.”

Cicilline responded:

“Well, let’s make it about Iran. Let me make it easier.”

Check out the interaction below:

People responding to the tweets above were in agreement that Mike Pompeo is someone who hates being tested, especially when it comes to his loyalty to Donald Trump. Check out what people had to say about the video below: