Trump Refuses To Let Health Officials Go On Sunday TV


Donald Trump appointed a Christian science-denier to head-up the coronavirus epidemic and its spread to the Unites States. Ever since then, the White House has attempted to control the public narrative on the virus by claiming that is is completely under control and that Democrats are only pretending to be concerned to make him look like a bad president.

Fact is, Democrats don’t need to assist when it comes to Trump looking like a bad president. He achieves that all on his own. And how could we even take the president at his word knowing that his word is riddled with well-documented lies over the past four years?

Now, it looks as though Trump is blocking public health officials from appearing on television to speak about the virus, and the only reason for that would be that he doesn’t want the public to know the truth.

Rep. John Garamendi went on MSNBC Friday morning to claim that Mr. Trump has stopped the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases from making appearances on Sunday morning news shows.

According to Garamendi, Anthony Fauci was scheduled to appear on all the Sunday morning shows, but that Trump put the kibosh on the whole thing, and made Fauci cancel.

Garamendi said this to Hallie Jackson:

“I can repeat what he said, he said, ‘I was not muzzled. However, I was to go on the Sunday talk shows five of them. The vice president’s office then took over the control of this situation, and told me to stand down, not to do those shows,'” Garamendi said, quoting Fauci.

“Now, you can draw your own conclusions whether he was muzzled or not, but clearly he was scheduled to do Sunday talk shows and he was not to proceed with that.”

People on Twitter had mixed thoughts on the subject, and Trump supporters were trolling Garamendi hard. The top comments left on his tweet can be seen below: