The Michigan Primary Race Has Been Called


The Michigan primary election has finally been called, and the winner is Joe Biden.

In 2016, Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton in Michigan, and this year’s turnout was even bigger than that one. According to MSN news out of Lansing, Michigan:

In East Lansing, Michigan State University students lined up to cast their ballot and make their voices heard. Several students also registered to vote.

Lansing City Clerk Chris Swope said he’s seen the same thing, a bigger amount of voters than expected. Whether they are voting in person or voting absentee, Swope said it’s a good thing the clerk’s office is so busy.

News of young people showing up is music to Bernie’s ears after the youth of California failed to show up to the polls for him. Either way, this boded well for Bernie, as he is more popular with young people than Biden.

Lansing City Clerk Chris Swope said this about the turnout:

“I think people are interested in the election and want to make their choices are heard and known. We’ve seen, in the City of Lansing, more than double the absentee voters from four years ago. Between that and Election Day, we could see a big increase in turnout.”

“We have a high-speed scanner so we’re running the ballots through, and it takes a lot to process. There’s a lot of steps, it takes a lot of people and it’s a big process. We’re trying to get through it.”

Swope also commented on the coronavirus outbreak and how the state has prepared for it at the polling stations:

“We had a hard time finding it, but we did get some hand sanitizer and some disinfecting wipes for our polling places. We got recommendation from the health folks that we should be wiping down hard surfaces every two or three hours.”