Latest 2020 Election Polls Released Show Massive 2020 Blue Wave


The Republicans have become quite concerned over the Democrats peeling away one of their primary demographic groups — suburban voters. The poll was taken just before coronavirus (COVID-19). This group is made up of primarily college-educated women, and here is the GOP’s plan..

N2America conducted the poll. It is a nonprofit political group. The bad news is that these voters prefer Dems over Republicans by 20 percentage points on the subject of healthcare. This issue concerns these voters more than the economy. Dems also have 15 percentage points on pricing prescription drugs.

Representative Ann Wagner (R-MO) took over the latent Suburban Caucus in the House. She wants to push legislation that excites suburban voters. Her district is in a St. Louis suburb. Three veteran female Republicans originated the caucus, and Wagner said, according to The Washington Post:

‘Time and time again, I hear from families when I’m back home in St. Louis that they don’t want to talk politics or rehash what’s on cable news.’

The suburban voters have a big problem: Donald Trump. This group’s college-educated, women have been dissatisfied with how 45 acts. The Republicans need this demographic in order to make any progress in 2020. However, coronavirus looms darkly over the president.

Screen-Shot-2020-03-11-at-8.58.46-AM Latest 2020 Election Polls Released Show Massive 2020 Blue Wave Featured Feminism Healthcare Politics Top Stories

A full 65 percent of the demographic says that they have at least a bachelor’s degree. The 2018 elections proved how well Democrats had worked to earn their votes. Republicans lost them and their seats in Congress, meaning the Dems were able to take back the House of Representatives.

The N2America poll found that suburban voters said the Republicans performed better than Democrats on the economy by a full 18 points and on national security by 19 points. Suburban voters reported they were either “very” or “somewhat” confident about their current personal financial situation.

Screen-Shot-2020-03-11-at-8.59.29-AM Latest 2020 Election Polls Released Show Massive 2020 Blue Wave Featured Feminism Healthcare Politics Top Stories

Austin Chambers is the top strategist at the Republican State Leadership Committee. This organization’s goal is to elect Republicans on the state level. Chambers attended the N2America forum, which was working to find strategies to bring in suburban voters. He said:

‘The GOP can and should be strong in the suburbs, but it requires a new approach to articulating an agenda that most suburban voters already agree with.’

Some of the N2America priorities are:

  • ‘Suburban voters believe Democrats have done a better job than Republicans addressing climate change. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has acknowledged that this issue has become more important to voters and is working with Republican colleagues on a climate change legislative agenda.
  • Forty-eight percent of suburban voters are “highly worried” about losing current federal insurance protections for preexisting medical conditions. Trump has worked hard to counter Democratic claims that he would repeal this regulation, which was codified under Obamacare, a law the president is still vowing to undo.
  • Slightly more suburban voters identify as Democrats (36%) than Republicans (34%). Twenty-seven percent describe themselves as independents.’

The N2America poll interviewed 1,000 registered suburban voters in contested races across the nation. The GOP firm Echelon Insights conducted the pol on March 3, 2020. This poll was taken before the coronavirus (COVID-19) scare.

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