Fox Host Demands COVID-19 Accountability From Trump


According to newly available polls from sources like The Hill/Harris X, majorities of Americans are not on board with President Donald Trump’s chaotic response to the Coronavirus outbreak. He spent weeks repeatedly insisting that the virus would quickly disappear from the U.S. and that concern over the situation was a hoax — and now, the U.S. is facing a quickly rising total number of both cases and deaths. His failures, which he’s backed up with behind-the-scenes policy stumbles over issues as simple as virus testing, have been broadcast far and wide. Fox News contributor Juan Williams insisted in an opinion piece this week that Trump and his allies must be held “fully accountable for their spin and failure to govern effectively.”

As Williams recaps, the president’s team’s “incompetent response to the coronavirus has sent financial markets on a rollercoaster ride while triggering an explosion of public anxiety” via means like Trump’s disastrous Oval Office address that he delivered last week. At the time, the president failed to even accurately represent a travel ban policy that he was seeking to implement with the stated purpose of stemming the Coronavirus spread. He failed to indicate that the ban wouldn’t cover return trips for American citizens, and he falsely indicated that the ban would cover cargo — and the next day, the U.S. stock market faced its biggest one day crash since 1987, and it’s been careening wildly ever since. Trading was halted altogether because of a too sharp decline for the third time in eight days shortly after the market opened on Monday.

Other issues, Williams notes, have centered on testing. Trump has inexplicably blamed Barack Obama for the Coronavirus testing delays that have happened on Trump’s own watch — few if any are quite sure what on earth Trump is actually talking about. In reality, Trump’s own administration even completely eliminated the pandemic response team from the National Security Council, and — for whatever reason — they’re the ones who refused to take the World Health Organization up on their offer of testing kits that could have gotten the ball rolling in the U.S. weeks prior. Without adequate testing, the virus spreads undetected, which puts extra lives at risk.

Williams writes:

‘Trump regularly fires up his base by telling them he is looking out for them. He presents himself as their guardian, standing between them and every threat… Well, four years later there is no wall. Coal mines and manufacturing remain in decline. Household debt and the national deficit continue to balloon. And now he has failed to protect anyone with his faulty response to a pandemic. Local officials in the absence of federal leadership took the lead by shutting down schools, major sports leagues and Broadway shows.’

Williams suggests that Trump’s extremity suggests that even him cancelling the November election altogether in some kind of bid to hang onto power isn’t completely out of the question.

Williams notes:

‘Americans are panicked. The markets are tanking. People are dying. If now is not the time for Trump’s base, independent voters and journalists to challenge him on his failures then there will never be a good time to do it.’

Reportedly, Trump even “offered large sums of money to secure exclusive rights” to a Coronavirus vaccine that’s under development by German scientists! Do his power grabs know any bounds at all?