Snapshot Of Trump’s Notes Reveal Blatant Racism


A picture of President Trump’s notes for his Thursday morning coronavirus press conference just went viral in a big way because it shows that the president went out of his way to cross out and re-write one phrase in particular. The president has already been criticized for calling COVID-19 the “Chinese virus,” and he’s been informed that it’s flat-out racist to give this virus a race and culture.

Now, people are even more outraged because the snapshot of Trump’s notes show that the words “Chinese Virus” were written into the speech for one purpose, and one purpose only.

Check out the picture below:

According to Reuters:

Vietnam’s health ministry reported an additional nine coronavirus cases on Friday, bringing the total number in the Southeast Asian country to 85.

Weeks after Vietnam declared that all 16 of its coronavirus cases had recovered, the number of infected patients is on the rise following the reintroduction of the virus from overseas.

Vietnam’s health ministry has not reported any coronavirus deaths in the country.

People responding to the tweet were repulsed by the way the president goes out of his way to be offensive. The virus hasn’t been labeled the “Chines virus” since it was named and classified, so reverting to the nickname is only for one reason. To place blame.

Check out some of the comments left on the thread below: