WH Press Secretary Embarrasses Herself During ‘Fox News Sunday’ Segment


President Donald Trump has faced steep criticism for his response to the Coronavirus pandemic — but he’s been claiming, in complete contrast to the facts, that he’s always taken the situation seriously. In reality, it still wasn’t that long ago at all that Trump was claiming that concern over the situation was a “hoax” and the virus would soon disappear from the U.S. like a “miracle.” Neither of those claims are true, but this weekend during an appearance on Fox News, White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham — who has long completely abandoned any pretense of holding actual press conferences — complained that the media is concerned about those instances of Trump coming up gravely short.

Americans may die preventable deaths that could have been averted with better preparation for the current, ongoing crisis, but Grisham can’t figure out why people are concerned about Trump’s frequently dismissive behavior. She commented to Fox host Howard Kurtz:

‘The president didn’t have a crystal ball there. And he has acted appropriately. He has acted appropriately from the beginning… He started back in January, working towards how important this virus has become for our country, and he has only ramped up those efforts. Again — the task force is meeting every single day, they’re briefing the public every single day, including the president… I don’t think it’s appropriate right now for the press to be going backwards. There’s no reason to go backwards and figure out tick tocks of what happened when. We’ve got a crisis on our hands. We’ve got a coronavirus in this country. And the press — they’ve got a real opportunity, if you ask me, to also spread great information to this public.’

Watch below:

She talks like the press is trying to go on some historical deep dive back into the archives of the Middle Ages. Nope — they’re examining what took place days, weeks, and months ago, which has a direct impact on the issues that officials around the country are continuing to face while trying to develop a response to the Coronavirus.

Governors and mayors are running low on medical supplies like personal protective equipment and ventilators, and Grisham is complaining about journalists trying to determine and uncover how these present and very real problems emerged.

Grisham went on to insist that Trump was completely in the clear for belligerently attacking NBC reporter Peter Alexander after he asked what message the president had for scared Americans.

Shortly before that comment, Alexander had also asked if Trump was concerned about giving “false hope” to Americans via touting unproven Coronavirus cures, which Grisham zeroed in on. She commented:

‘I think that was inappropriate. He’s the commander-in-chief, he’s at the helm of this country and it is his job as president to try and comfort this country and make sure that they know that we’re working towards options that will help people.’

It’s not the president’s job, however, to stand before the nation and act like a snake oil salesman. Americans need supplies like Coronavirus tests and personal protective equipment. They don’t need his petulant meltdowns.