Trump Goes On 27-Tweet Spree To Distract From COVID-19


President Donald Trump largely continues to refuse to acknowledge any issue with his administration’s response to the Coronavirus outbreak, even as stories of desperately low medical supplies and other issues pile up. This Monday morning, he went so far that he proudly touted some tweet in which the author claimed that they’d build a statue of Trump after the Coronavirus economic crisis passes. This nonsense is the apparent wavelength that Trump is operating on. He’s working with the people who want to build statues of him in mind — which is outrageous.

In response to a Twitter post saying that if Trump “saves us from the Depression everyone else was leading us into by reversing the country’s course on this,” the author was going to build a Trump statue, the president commented:

‘Robert, we will end up stronger than ever before. Thank you!’

Imagine if Barack Obama had ever seemed on board with the idea of a supporter building a statue of him in their front yard. Imagine the right-wing wails about creeping authoritarianism that would have ensued. But now that it’s their guy, it’s fine, apparently.

This Monday morning, Trump also addressed the upcoming Olympics, insisting that final decisions would be left up to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, whose country is slated to host the games.

He also retweeted a bunch of messages arrogantly insisting that people should simply be left to their own devices after not even a couple of more weeks rather than keep social distancing demands in place. A priority for these people, including Trump, apparently, is protecting the economy, but there are lives at stake. To be clear, public health experts around the country have insisted that the virus won’t magically disappear in 14 days. The point is to keep people apart so it can stop spreading and stop killing people. An economy can recover. Dead people can’t come back to life.

Check out more from the president. Including those below, he’d posted at least 27 tweets and retweets before 10 A.M. on the East Coast.

Check out Twitter’s response below.