Trump Wails About Unfair Treatment While Americans Die


Donald Trump has always only cared about himself, and it shows more and more each day as the deadly pandemic COVID-19 makes its way across the globe, leaving pure chaos in its path. Trump has received a mass of backlash over his poor handling of the U.S. outbreak, and as per the usual, Trump isn’t handling the criticism very well, and his lash-outs have grown extremely selfish and tone-deaf.

Check out what Trump Tweeted near midnight Sunday:

According to Wall Street Journal, COVID-19 may become a regular part of life:

As Covid-19 circles the globe, the most severe outbreaks so far clustered in areas of cool, dry seasonal weather, according to four independent research groups in the U.S., Australia and China that analyzed how temperature and humidity affect the coronavirus that causes the disease.

If their conclusions are borne out, sweltering summer months ahead might offer a lull in new cases across the heavily populated temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere, they said.

People responding to Trump’s tweet were fed up with the childish behavior that got us where we are to begin with. We need a leader who will put his ego aside long enough to ensure that Americans have the best fighting chance at beating this pathogen.

Those how left comments on Trump’s tweet were downright angry about how Trump is acting. Below are the top comments left on that tweet: