Carter Goes Presidential With COVID-19 Response


The coronavirus outbreak of 2020 is the biggest bio-event to happen in well over a decade when H1N1 swept the nation, killing over 12,000 Americans by the time it was all over. Now, coronavirus has only been in the states for a matter of months and nearly 800 people have already died.

President Jimmy Carter is one of the many Americans who is susceptible to the virus because of his age, but he’s not letting the virus silence him. Carter redirected all the donations coming into his Carter Center Foundation to help combat the deadly pathogen.

Tuesday, the former president, his wife Rosalyn, and their grandson have released a letter to their supporters asking them to “forgo your next gift for the work of The Carter Center and direct it to a local group that is reducing the suffering caused by this pandemic.”

The letter continues:

“Each of us asks you to concentrate on the needs of your family, friends, neighbors, and all in your community. Your commitment will help stop this threat.”

Carter is asking:

“We all have every confidence that we will come together as a nation and overcome this invisible threat. This virus and its impact must be addressed at every level of government and society.”

“Each of us is gratified at the examples of volunteers and community organizations that have quickly mobilized to help those in need.”

According to Wall Street Journal:

“The federal Bureau of Prisons on Tuesday said it has imposed a 14-day mandatory quarantine for all new inmates entering any of its facilities, a challenging directive for the nation’s crowded prisons as they try to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

The effort came as bipartisan pressure mounted for the Trump administration to transfer at-risk inmates to home detention and as civil-rights groups urged President Trump to commute the sentences of sick and elderly prisoners who could benefit from compassionate release.”