Obama Tweets Directly To Medical Workers Like A Real President


President Obama has been speaking out more in the past few weeks than he has during Trump’s entire presidency. This is a welcome greeting for Americans, who just want to go back to 2008 when things were normal, and America actually seemed to be progressing. Now, over ten years later, most of what Obama did in his two terms has been destroyed by Trump, but Obama has left an everlasting legacy among Democrats who idolize him.

Trump hates hearing from the beloved former leader, however, and continues to bring up Trump any time he needs someone to blame for something. It’s become something of a broken record, actually, but Obama will always get under Trump’s skin because he’s black.

Check out what Obama tweeted Tuesday:

Obama said:

Our medical professionals are heroes putting their lives on the line to keep our country going. Here’s a look at how an ER doctor who already fought on the front lines of one crisis makes it through a day in this one. A good reminder for us to help them out by staying home.

Trump has also been making waves Tuesday on Twitter when he announced that he would be going against experts in forcing businesses to reopen next week so that his precious economy doesn’t spiral further.

Trump tweeted this today:

At that town hall, Trump made a fool of himself. You can see the video below:

People on Twitter are going crazy over Obama’s tweet. Check out what people are saying in the comments below: