Pelosi Outmaneuvers GOP During Video Message To America


Early this Tuesday, during an appearance on MSNBC with host Andrea Mitchell, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) provided an update on ongoing negotiations over a Coronavirus relief funding package, which has been in development for days on end. As she explained, the initial Republican plan relied on a lot of long debunked trickle-down economics ideas, but she and her Democratic colleagues have been endeavoring to prioritize reining that in and prioritizing getting resources right to struggling American workers who’ve been upended by efforts to stem the spread of the Coronavirus. She suggested that final legislation would be close to Democratic aims.

Figures on the right including President Donald Trump himself have raised complaints about Democrats’ supposed inappropriate meddling in the relief development process, but what were they supposed to do, blindly accept a corporate slush fund with half a billion dollars able to be dished out at the discretion of the Trump administration?

Pelosi explained:

‘We’re just trying to address the crisis that we have right now in the most intense way and try to restrict everything that was done by us or them to addressing the COVID-19 challenge that we have. But again, it’s about that when they came out with their bill, it was trickle down. Our bill is bubble up, and I think we’re finding a place where there’s a recognition that we have to take care of our workers. It’s not only the right thing to do — consumer confidence is what grows the economy.’


Trump himself has been harping on about that need to protect the economy as a whole lately. To that end, he’s been indicating that he wants to see social distancing regulations lifted soon. On Twitter this Tuesday, he insisted that in the event of people returning to work when establishments like restaurants re-open, people “will practice Social Distancing and all else, and Seniors will be watched over protectively & lovingly.” The problem is that it’s not that easy, and the idea that Americans should simply subscribe to an honor system backed up by the serial liar Donald Trump when lives are at stake is ludicrous. Sending people back to work in order to protect “the economy” could spread the virus and kill more people.

During her early Tuesday MSNBC appearance, Pelosi called the idea of lifting social distancing restrictions a “formula for more uncertainty,” although it’s worth noting that most of the restrictions that are in place weren’t even imposed by the Trump administration in the first place. They were imposed by governors, including plenty of Republicans like Ohio’s Mike DeWine.

Pelosi added that in general it’s important to listen to the science. Trump has touted malaria cures as a potential fix for Coronavirus, but they’re only just now getting a trial run. A couple tried to take the drug on their own, and one of them died and the other is hospitalized.

Pelosi commented:

“Dr. Fauci is a truth-teller. He’s science, knowledge, evidence, data and that’s what we have to have if we’re going to have a cure, and not just a ‘I heard this works.'”