Schiff Publicly Humiliates ‘Weak’ Trump Over Botched Coronavirus Response


From the beginning of the coronavirus scare, Adam Schiff has been calling out the president’s poor behavior surrounding the deadly pandemic that made its way to American soil. Trump’s only concerns are keeping the economy from crashing, and is willing to kill Americans to do it.

Trump announced that he will be ordering companies to reopen next week, against the recommendations from multiple virology experts who say that coronavirus will not only still be here next week, but will be accelerated.

Trump’s move will kill Americans.

Now, Schiff is shooting back at the president via Twitter, and it’s just what we expect from our boy, Adam. Check out what he said below:

Schiff said:

First Trump fails to take Coronavirus seriously, losing precious weeks. Then claims he’s a wartime president and follows expert advice. Now he’s going weak at the knees watching Fox and debating deadly laxity. Leaders make tough calls for the greater good. Based on facts.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

According to Houston Chronicle:

hospital administrators say necessary public health precautions undertaken to slow the spread of COVID-19, such as the cancellation of elective surgeries — which are one of the hospitals’ most lucrative income streams — threaten to hasten the rate of closures. A 2017 study found that roughly 41% of rural hospitals in the U.S. operate at a loss.

People responding to Schiff online were mostly supportive of Schiff, with a few Trump cultists attacking as per the usual. You can see the reactions below: