Trump Announces Rejection Of Expert Coronavirus Advice


The president has recently spoken to the public via press conference, and all the garbage he said was exactly the opposite of what experts in the field of virology are saying about the coronavirus and when we can expect life to go back to normal. Experts are estimating that it will be another 8-10 weeks before we see release from this stranglehold, but Trump says the economy will be booming again way before that.

Trump said Monday that he was thinking about loosening the restrictions surrounding the shelter in place orders causing many businesses to shut down production completely. he also said that National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci does not agree with him on certain things, and so he doesn’t know if he will be heeding his advice.

Trump said about Fauci and medical professionals:

“If it was up to the doctors they might say shutdown the entire world.”

“He doesn’t not agree. He understands there’s a tremendous cost to our country both in terms of lives and in terms of economics …. he fully understands that.”

People grew concerned when Fauci was noticeably absent from Monday’s coronavirus task force briefing, and event that he is typically right beside the president for. It could be that an interview Fauci did for Science Magazine Sunday got under Trump’s skin, and now, Fauci has been blacklisted.

When asked about Fauci’s absence, Trump said:

“He’s a good man, I like Dr. Fauci a lot. He’ll be back up soon.”

We don’t believe you!

Check out the video Trump posted of the briefing in which a woman is standing in Fauci’s spot. Watch halfway through, the woman begins breathing deeply, swaying, and blinking heavily. Something very weird is happening, to say the least.

Total bizarro world, right? People on Twitter agreed that the president is out of his ever-loving mind when it comes to his concerns about the economy over the health and wellness of the American people.

You can see the top reactions left on Trump’s video below: