Michelle Obama Shows America How To Lead With Coronavirus Rallying Cry


Lately, President Donald Trump’s response to the Coronavirus outbreak has turned into asserting that the economy should largely re-open no matter the carnage that may ensue if the virus spreads unchecked when people intermingle. Others are still picking up the slack that he has left — this week, former First Lady Michelle Obama commented on Twitter about plans to host a livestreamed music broadcast meant to coincide with volunteer efforts to text voters to help them get registered, so that their voices can be heard when the time comes. Ever since before the midterm elections, Obama has led a group called When We All Vote that’s meant to advance voter participation.

She shared:

‘In this tough time, music can comfort us and bring us together. That’s why I can’t wait for the @WhenWeAllVote #CouchParty with a featured live set from @djdnice ! He’ll keep our volunteers motivated with some tunes as they help register voters. Thanks @djdnice for all you do!’

The event that she referenced is scheduled for this Wednesday evening. The performer that she mentions has already conducted similar livestreaming during this pandemic — as have many others across the music industry, which, like those relying on other forms of live events, has been hit hard by social distancing mandates amidst the Coronavirus’s spread.

It’s worth noting that amidst the Coronavirus outbreak, Democrats in Congress have been angling to protect upcoming elections via implementing a nationwide vote-by-mail option. Republicans like the staunchly conservative Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie have freaked out, but the plan would protect voters from potential dangers of virus spread at a polling place. It’s a wide concern — led off by Ohio, officials in a slew of states already postponed their presidential primary elections.

Check out Twitter’s response below…