Trump’s Hometown Paper Releases Humiliating Coronavirus Cover Image


President Donald Trump has recently resorted to insisting that the U.S. economy should largely re-open amidst the ongoing global Coronavirus pandemic. Reopening businesses that have shuttered could spark significant carnage because the virus would thereby be able to spread largely unchecked, but Trump insisted in a Fox News town hall event that he wanted things rolling again by Easter, which is just weeks away, and there’s no apparent indication that the virus outbreak will have actually subsided by then. In a particularly biting cover, the New York Daily News mocked Trump as an “Easter Basket Case” this week.

Check it out:

New York is among the locales that have been hit especially hard by the virus outbreak, and other major cities could be next. Almost 200 people have already died from the Coronavirus in New York City alone, which is a major portion of the slightly more than 800 people who have succumbed to Coronavirus complications across the entire country so far. On Tuesday, the U.S. passed 200 Coronavirus deaths in a single day for the first time, but that doesn’t seem to have restrained Trump’s insistence on getting the economy rolling again.

Early Wednesday, negotiators landed on a bailout deal that could potentially stop Trump’s clamoring for at least a moment. Although it’s got a long way to go, the stock market value has already been climbing back up in the wake of revelations about the trillions of dollars that authorities are preparing to send into the economy.

It’s worth noting that the actual authority that rests with Trump to actually lift social distancing demands is limited. Many demands for certain classes of businesses to close and for large swaths of people to stay home have been issued by local authorities like governors and county leaders, not the White House. There’s no indication that areas that started acting before the Trump administration even came up with their own plan have any intention of slowing down now.