Fauci Rejects Trump’s Forced Reopen Plan On CNN


Donald Trump has a one-track mind right now, and unfortunately for the people of America,  they simply missed the train. The only thing The Donald is worried about right now is keeping the economy out of turmoil because it’s literally the only thing he can brag out in his entire presidency. Now, the thought of millions going onto unemployment, and the stock market tanking, has Trump on edge, lashing out at reporters who ask simple questions, like “what do you say to Americans who are scared right now?”

Trump says he is preparing to force businesses to reopen within a week, something that health officials, including the one working for the White House, have warned against. According to those bio-experts, we will be dealing with the virus for at least another eight weeks.

Anthony Fauci has become a household name since the U.S. outbreak began, and his appearances with Trump give people a little more comfort than the president had previously been providing. Fauci isn’t afraid to disagree with Trump, which is the number one reason he is so beloved to the American people, and Thursday morning, he did it again.

Fauci said this to CNN’s Chris Cuomo about Trump’s plan to force a reopen:

“You’ve got to be realistic, and you’ve got to understand that you don’t make the timeline, the virus makes the timeline.”

“So you’ve got to respond to what you see happen, and if you keep seeing this acceleration, it doesn’t matter what you say, one week, two weeks, three weeks, you’ve got to go with what the situation on the ground is.”

Check out the interview below:

Trump is really going to lose it over this one, likely firing Fauci for being disloyal if his past is anything to go off of. But, at this point Fauci can go onto any major news network to address the people; he certainly doesn’t need to be standing next to Trump to do it.

People responding to the video on Twitter were thankful for a man like Fauci. You can see the best reactions to the tweet below: