Trump Delivers Angry Rant During AM Fox Appearance


President Donald Trump does not take well to even the slightest opposition. This Monday morning during a phoned-in interview on Fox & Friends, he had a white-hot meltdown over House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who the day before had correctly identified his failure to take the Coronavirus seriously as “deadly.” Trump insisted that Pelosi is “sick” — because apparently, he’s so wrapped up in his ego that he tells himself anyone who opposes him must suffer from some kind of mental delusion. That’s not exactly a great attribute for a president amidst a deadly global pandemic.

To be clear, Pelosi was, in fact, accurate. Trump’s refusal to take the Coronavirus seriously and prepare beyond the China travel ban that he loves to tout could leave people to die who could have been saved if supplies like additional ventilators were ready. Of course, Trump has repeatedly insisted that he doesn’t believe hard-hit areas like New York will even need as many ventilators as they’ve been after. Even deaths can be fake news and an anti-Trump conspiracy to him — after Hurricane Maria, he called the official death toll “fake news.”

This Monday, he ranted against Pelosi:

‘She’s a sick puppy, in my opinion. She really is. She’s got a lot of problems, and that’s a horrible thing to say — especially when I was the one, and you know, I’ve gotten from fair people a lot of accolades, and I don’t want the accolades, but it’s just in service of a fact. When I stopped some very very infected, very very sick people, thousands coming in from China, long earlier than anybody thought, including the experts, nobody thought we should do it, except me, and I stopped everybody. I stopped it cold. It had never been done before in the history of our country.’

Listen below:

That’s just incorrect. Travel bans have been imposed plenty of times — and often, they’ve been accompanied by gross racism. Trump’s constant praise of his Chinese travel ban ignores the fact that he failed to take almost any other substantive step in the early days of the pandemic. He mocked concern over the virus as a “hoax” — and it’s worth noting, there’s not even apparent evidence that he stopped “thousands” of “very very sick people” from coming into the U.S. He talks like he valiantly stepped in to block planes full of coughing people. That just didn’t happen, though.

This Monday, he continued:

‘Don’t forget, she was playing the impeachment game — her game, where she ended up looking like a fool… She couldn’t get bills past. She’s controlled by the radical left — by AOC plus three.’

And yet again — that’s a lie. Pelosi has seen plenty of bills passed — hundreds, in fact, most of which the Republican-controlled Senate has refused to even consider, let alone vote on.

Amidst a deadly pandemic, this nonsense is the best that Trump can come up with — ranting and raving about his opponents. On Twitter over the weekend, he praised the television ratings for his Coronavirus task force press conferences — but it would be really great if the president focused somewhere else, anywhere else besides himself and his screentime.