Cable Network Refuses To Air Trump Public Address


Donald Trump’s ego has always been bigger than he is, and now that he’s literally got billions of lives in his hand, it’s so big that it could get thousands of people killed. The president’s delayed action in combatting the deadly coronavirus has garnered much backlash from the public and health officials alike, and in return, Trump has begun holding daily virus briefings to keep the public misinformed.

Multiple times throughout the days, Trump has made highly ridiculous statements that would make even the dumbest person scratch their head. Like Tuesday, when he told people they could use scarves instead of medial masks to keep from inhaling dangerous germs.

Now, CNN has taken a stand against Trump’s dangerous fake news by choosing not to air today’s briefing, and the people of America are happy as hell about it.

According to CNN:

Two nurses at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Denver, Colorado, have told CNN that they’re running out of proper sedation drugs because they’ve had to intubate so many patients since the coronavirus epidemic began in the US.

A nurse at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, tells CNN that their hospital is running out of fentanyl, which they used to sedate intubated Covid-19 patients.

“We are starting to run out of proper sedation medication like propofol and fentanyl,” one nurse says.
“It’s hard to watch when you have to flip these people onto their bellies and use oral medications to sedate them through their feeding tubes.”

SCL Health Vice President of System Communications Nikki Sloup said that their hospital system, which includes St. Joseph’s Hospital, currently has an adequate supply to meet patient needs.  But Sloup warns that if they experience a patient surge, it could see shortages.


“We have put in place numerous conservation programs and continue to work with public and private partners to secure the supplies we need to provide safe and appropriate care to our patients and ensure the safety of our caregivers,” Sloup told CNN in a statement.

CNN reached out to Johns Hopkins Hospital for comment but did receive a response.

One nurse said they’ve never seen so many ventilators being put to use.

“Being on a ventilator is a package deal — it typically comes with the addition of sedation in order to tolerate being ventilated and that’s where fentanyl comes into play,” they said. “It is being used in such high doses to appropriately sedate these patients.”