Trump Endangers More Lives With Fake Virus Info


Donald Trump simply doesn’t understand how life works, and he doesn’t care enough about the people he is supposed to be protecting to actually learn. The deadly coronavirus pathogen has been steadily making its way around the country, and the president’s slow-bloom has gotten us all into dire straits. The entire country is on lockdown as more and more businesses close and the death toll just gets higher and higher.

Tuesday, at Trump’s latest COVID-19 press conference, he acted like a complete fool once again, and his bumbling performance has people wondering why they keep putting him on television.

The virus is free nothing more than camera time for Trump.

This is what Trump said Tuesday:

“Use a scarf. You can use something else over your face, it doesn’t have to be a mask. But it’s not a bad idea.”

Watch the video below:

Twitter’s reaction was just how you’d think, and we grabbed a bunch of the best mentions for you below: