New 2020 Battleground State Polls Released Show Massive 2020 Blue Tsunami


Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, which has claimed the lives of over 4,000 Americans and counting, there’s a new glimmer of apparent hope for those hoping to see President Donald Trump leave office in the wake of his major public crisis response fumbling. A new Fox News poll has former Vice President Joe Biden out ahead of Trump by a whopping 25 percent margin in so-called battleground counties in which the leading candidate’s winning margin was less than 10 percent in 2016. In those counties, Biden nabbed a full 57 percent of the support, compared to just 32 percent for Trump. Obviously, those numbers suggest Biden is gearing up to trounce Trump.

Biden does well on other levels of the new Fox News polling as well. On the national level, Biden nabbed 49 percent of the support compared to just 40 percent for Trump. That leading margin is roughly in line with the most recent one that Fox recorded for Biden. On the level of battleground states as a whole, Biden leads Trump by a margin of eight percent.

Fox News — like most other polling organizations — has consistently shown Trump losing to Democratic presidential candidates, before and after Biden became the party’s likely presidential nominee. After particularly dismal numbers from Fox came out for Trump a month ago, he singled out the network for criticism, railing on Twitter:

‘Worst Polls, just like in 2016 when they were so far off the mark, are the @FoxNews Polls. Why doesn’t Fox finally get a competent Polling Company?’

There’s no indication that there’s anything actually wrong with Fox News polling. On average, Biden leads Trump by 6.1 percent on the national level in polls conducted measuring support in their likely general election match-up, according to RealClearPolitics. Although margins have sometimes been close, the last time that Trump led in a poll that RealClearPolitics has cataloged was mid-February, when he had a four percent leading margin against Biden in a poll from Emerson College. The last occasion before that in which Trump led in a polled match-up against Biden was last December.

There is one caveat, which could affect the election. Around one out of two Americans say that they approve of Trump’s handling of the Coronavirus outbreak, although those numbers rapidly shift. As of Wednesday morning, RealClearPolitics put the average for Trump’s support at 50.2 percent of Americans. On average, just 46.3 percent said that they actively disapproved.

Amidst the Coronavirus crisis, Trump has openly discussed the impact on his public image. Recently, he flouted the high ratings of his daily press conferences — which flies in the face of the gravity that one would expect from a president dealing with an increasingly deadly pandemic.

He tweeted:

‘Because the “Ratings” of my News Conferences etc. are so high, “Bachelor finale, Monday Night Football type numbers” according to the @nytimes , the Lamestream Media is going CRAZY. “Trump is reaching too many people, we must stop him.” said one lunatic.’

In an ideal world, the president takes the responsibilities of leadership during a pandemic seriously. In reality, Trump’s blubbering inaction has helped drive testing and medical supply shortages that could help exacerbate the crisis.