Nancy Hammers Mitch For Excusing Deadly Trump Errors


Amidst the burgeoning Coronavirus pandemic, which has claimed the lives of well over 5,500 Americans and counting, Republicans have begun suggesting that their rampant inaction is somehow Democrats’ fault because they dared to impeach the president, and the ensuing proceedings lasted into the beginning weeks of the outbreak. In reality, Democrats had begun clamoring for more government action against the Coronavirus before the impeachment proceedings even ended, and weeks after the conclusion, Trump was still calling concern a “hoax” and insisting, contrary to the evidence, that there was nothing to be concerned about. During an MSNBC appearance this week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said that GOP excuses reveal that they’re flatly not fit for the job of virus response.

She commented:

‘That’s sad. They can’t handle their jobs, I guess, because — what are they saying? We ignored it? It was self-evident. Most people knew about it and certainly those of responsibility. So I say of that, either you can’t handle your job — but don’t blame impeachment on that. Just blame it on the fact that you didn’t want to face the reality. That denial and that delay cost lives.’

Watch below:

Pelosi has previously insisted that Trump’s denials of the severity of the Coronavirus threat and his resistance to even the most basic preparation were “deadly.”

Even now, he’s resisting the idea that localities around the country like the hard-hit New York really need the supplies and assistance that they’ve been requesting. This Thursday, he tweeted that “some have insatiable appetites & are never satisfied (politics?),” adding that the “complainers should have been stocked up and ready long before this crisis hit.” He’s the president! It’s his job to prepare! Americans are struggling to make it, and this petulant buffoon is whining about supposed political ambitions on the part of those who dare to ask for assistance to keep Americans from dying because of a lack of resources.

Pelosi has been working with her Democratic colleagues to overcome the president’s inaction.

As shortages of basic supplies like Coronavirus testing kits continue to accumulate across the country, she bluntly insisted this Thursday that the president must broadly invoke the Defense Production Act and order the production of needed supplies.

As she put it:

‘We have no right to even pay respects to frontline medical workers if we can’t get them the equipment they need to stay safe and save lives. President Trump must use the full power of the Defense Production Act to meet their needs.’

She has also been discussing the need for a fourth Coronavirus relief funding package, and this week on MSNBC, she said that priorities for the next round of relief include further assistance to struggling state medical systems that may be unable to appropriately treat patients with potentially dangerous ailments unfolding that have nothing to do with the Coronavirus because of hospital overload. It’s not a given that people would be able to access that health coverage to begin with — concerned observers like Pelosi have been urging the president to reopen enrollment in Obamacare health insurance plans considering the health crisis, but he’s yet to do so.