State Officials Go To Extreme To Enforce Quarantine


The people of Kentucky are apparently ignoring the orders of Governor Andy Beshear, who told all residents to stay inside their homes. They are doing this in such large and dangerous numbers, that Beshear has now gone to the extremes to make sure that these people stay in their homes.

Beshear ordered that anyone ignoring the orders to stay at home will be fitted with an ankle monitor and essentially be put on state ordered house arrest.

Jefferson Circuit Court judge Angela Bisig dropped the order Friday, ruining a lot of germy weekend parties.

According to CNN:

CNN affiliate WDRB reports that the person, identified as D.L. in the court order, is living with “someone who has tested positive for the illness and another person who is a presumptive case,” according to an affidavit from Dr. Sarah Moyer, director of the health department.
Having been exposed to the highly contagious disease, D.L. was ordered to stay at home last week. But according to family members, D.L. “leaves the house often.”
This is a game-changer for residents of Kentucky, who are now in for a taste of what the rest of the country has been up to.

CNN continued:
When D.L. didn’t respond to the health department’s messages, Jefferson Circuit Court Judge Angela Bisig ordered the Department of Corrections to fit D.L. with a global positioning device for the next 14 days. If D.L. leaves the house again, he or she could be criminally charged, WDRB reports.
D.L. is not the only Louisville resident ordered to wear ankle monitors to contain the spread of the coronavirus. According to WDRB, there are three other known cases so far. Two other people who live in the same home — one who has tested positive, and the other who has not — were ordered to remain in their home last week after both refused to stay isolated.
Unless the people of Kentucky have some sort of sadistic death wish, they need to start taking heed to the recommendations of state and government officials telling them to stay indoors unless absolutely necessary.
Kentucky is a red state, so one can only assume that Kentuckians are listening to their president, who refuses to wear the CDC recommended face mask.
CNN continued:
Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear has recommended all schools remain closed through May 1st and has expanded travel restrictions. Out-of-staters who aren’t passing through have to quarantine for 14 days, wherever they are coming from.
The state will also be releasing at least 186 prisoners convicted of not-so-serious crimes on commuted sentences. However, the prisoners must identify a residence where they can stay and where they will be required to quarantine for a period of 14 days, according to Michael Brown, the secretary of the Kentucky Justice and Public Safety Cabinet.

Governor Beshear has announced a COVID-19 reporting hotline (833-KY SAFER, or 833-597-2337) for complaints about non-compliance with coronavirus mandates. Labor Cabinet personnel will monitor the hotline from 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET.