Nunes Suffers Widespread Sunday Humiliation After Deranged Coronavirus Rant


He is the former House Intelligence Committee Chair who sneaked through the darkness to manufacture “evidence” to free Donald Trump from guilt. Remember, this representative has been trying to frighten people.  Now, he is at it again.

‘BREAKING: @Devin Nunes is an idiot.’

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Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) came up with a suggestion meant to further chill Americans. He drew up mental pictures of released prisoners transforming them into the “zombie apocalypse.” Did he enjoy scaring everyone during the pandemic?

Remember Nunes is one of Donald Trump’s top boys. He just said this about the homeless population:

‘The situation out here in California with the homeless population is quite dire and that was before the coronavirus. It’s almost like zombie apocalypse. You’ve seen the pictures.’

Then, Nunes said releasing the people who had minor infractions or none as they awaited trial, because they could not afford their bail was part of the apocalypse, too:

‘I’ve got several thousand just in my district. It’s largely due because we let our criminals out. We pass laws that let multiple convicted drug abusers out. Now unfortunately, a lot of these people — I call it zombie apocalypse because a lot of these people have done drugs for a long period of time. You know, they’re just not well.’

Trump’s man claimed that homeless people live outdoors, so there is no evidence of them being infected by COVID-19. — “Yet:”

‘One of the positive things in all this is if you’re outside in the outdoors, you’re social distancing, we haven’t seen it run through homeless population. At least, that we know of yet.’

Check out the Fox video where Nunes blithely compared the coronavirus to a “zombie apocalypse:

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