Trump Claims Virus Relief Flop Out Of His Control


The president made a huge mistake when it comes to his response to the coronavirus outbreak in the United States. His late response and lack of preparation is why many people are disapproving of the president’s actions. Many people have since died from COVID-19, and the president says he takes no responsibility for those deaths.

Much scrutiny has come for Trump in the wake of the initial outbreak, and now, he is saying that he didn’t see the intelligence that warned him of an imminent outbreak back in January, but that he didn’t think it made a difference.

Trump said:

“I don’t think it would’ve changed it, because I basically did what the memo said.”

Trump says he didn’t see the memo but “maybe a day ago,” after it was released in the media, then he praised Peter Navarro for predicting the outcome. Trump said:

“It was a feeling that he had. I think he told certain people on the staff. I didn’t see it.”

This is the same excuse George W. Bush had for not shutting down the 9/11 plot after he was informed of the plan months before it happened. But according to Trump:

“I’m a cheerleader for this country. I don’t want to create havoc and shock and everything else.”